Official releases:


ANUBIS GATE: Purification – guitars, keyboards – Locomotive records lm183
ANUBIS GATE: A Perfect Forever – guitars, keyboards – Locomotive records lm 189
ANUBIS GATE: A Perfect Forever (Southamerican release with exclusive bonus track) - Guitars, keyboards – Encore records.
ANUBIS GATE: Andromeda Unchained - guitars, keyboards, production – Locomotive records lm502
ANUBIS GATE: The Detached - guitars, keyboards, vocals, production – Locomotive records lm699
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ANUBIS GATE: Anubis Gate - guitars, keyboards, production - Nightmare records 555
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ANUBIS GATE: Golden Days (single). guitars, keyboards - Nightmare Records
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LANCE KING: A Moment In Chiros - guitars, keyboards, bass, production and arranging - Nightmare Records 559
THE WILDHEARTS: Chutzpah! - Keyboards, additional guitars - Backstage alliance bacd027
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THE WILDHEARTS: Chutzpah! Jnr. - Keyboards. Backstage alliance.
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TRENDKILL METHOD: Affective Arousal: Keyboards. - Sonic Blast Media
PHONOMIK: Soul Creeper. - Keyboards - Nightmare records.
COMMUNIC - Payment Of Existence - Keyboards - nuclear blast records
MERCENARY - Metamorphosis - Keyboards - Noiseart records narcd008
MERCENARY - Architect Of Lies - Keyboard producer - century media records cm9977730
THE ARCANE ORDER - In The Wake Of Collisions - Keyboards - Metal blade records 3984-14661-2
FEAR MY THOUGHTS: Vulcanus – Keyboards – Century Media Records 77557-8
hell sweet hell
FEAR MY THOUGHTS: Hell Sweet Hell – Keyboards – Lifeforce Records lfr 054-2

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STELLA BLACKROSE: Kiss The Dirt - Keyboards on "Break Me" - Target records.
camden gz004
CAMDEN: Ground Zero – Guitars, Keyboards, Flute – Rox Records camcd 97001
CAMDEN: The Interstate - Guitars, Keyboards, Flute – Sfære musik camcd 98002
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CHRISTA BENDELL: Christa Bendell – Guitar on one track – Polydor5579792
CHRISTA BENDELL: Go Back To Your Mom (single) Guitars – Polydor
DJ BAILER PROJECT: Bakerstreet (single) – Guitars – Aller
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ORDENTLIGE FOLK: Ånden I Hjertet – Guitars, Keyboards, programming – DGI
ORDENTLIGE FOLK: Stævnemøde (single) – Guitars – DGI
ORDENTLIGE FOLK: Ånden i hjertet (single) – Guitars – DGI
Rødkildes The Wall Live – Guitar – Drejeskiven Records 1992 9-2

Other releases (sampler albums, independent etc.):

EXTREME FEEDBACK: 12 Million dead – Guitars – ”independent”
EXTREME FEEDBACK: The Ultimate Form Of Disgrace – Guitars – ”independent”
EXTREME FEEDBACK: Autumn Heroes – Guitars – ”independent”
FOUNTAIN JUNGLE: Fountain Jungle – Guitars – ”independent”
FROCK (sampler album) – Guitars on ”Too Blind”.
Get All The Best: Sampler album from DGI.. – Guitars on ”Body And Spirit”, Keyboards on ”Sphere 1” – DGI
ORDENTLIGE FOLK: Vandrer Tilbage Til I Går (single) – ”independent
ROCKET IN MY POCKET: Have You Ridden The – Guitars. ”independent”